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Videos are the most effective way to explain and show what a product does. Video has the ability to quickly explain complex subjects. What may take hundreds of words to explain with text can be conveyed with a short and sweet video. Video also helps with the retention of the information since it engages multiple senses, which has been shown to increase brand and message recall.

In addition, videos enable users to see products in action. They bring them to life, which allows users to visualise how they might use the product and addresses questions or uncertainties. 90 percent of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.

Tiny Hound Media is a not for profit Community Interest Company that deliver professional multimedia services across all sectors. Surplus revenues are used to benefit local communities.

We have produced media content with Blue Chip Companies, Public Sector Organisations, SME’s, National and local charities and various community groups.

Tiny Hound Media have assisted and helped to set up various radio stations and multimedia facilities throughout the North East.